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Being Aware Of Inauthentic Products In The Aesthetic Industry

There is a lot of inauthentic products in the Aesthetic Industry market!

Every person, irrespective of the gender, dreams of having that perfect look. That ultimate flawless skin, those ultimate pink lips, those naturally pretty eyes. It is the desire of every person, said or unsaid, to make heads turn wherever they go. People are willing to go to an extra mile and spend an extra penny to get their desired look.

It is this reason only that the cosmetics industry is growing at an average rate of almost 3% per year. Whenever an industry grows, the level of frauds and fake products rise at an exponential level too. Similar is the case with Aesthetic Industry. Fake and inauthentic products have infiltrated the market and the customers are being cheated on a daily basis.

A new term “Beauty Black Market” has been coined for this kind of industry and the estimated market size of this is approximately half a trillion dollars.

It is important for customers to be fully aware of these fake cosmetic products available in the market. They might prove extremely harmful in the long run on their health. Some of the common negative side effects of using such products include eye infections, rashes, psoriasis, and acne.

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Important Considerations About Inauthentic Products

Online Shopping

Online marketplaces like Amazon and E-Bay are the most vulnerable platforms for such fake products because customers don’t get to physically verify the products before shopping. They are forced to rely on the product descriptions given by the seller. There are sellers that are not authorized for sale.


Shop Wisely

Obviously, one must always be rational in shopping the products. Check out the official company logo and read the product composition thoroughly. Also, manufacturing details including the date, expiry date, terms of use must be checked. Finally, if the terms are too good to be true then one must rely on his intuition and refrain from buying such products.


Note the Pricing

None of the noted brands offer cheap cosmetic products. Their prices are normally high and expensive. So, if someone is offering to sell a branded cosmetic to you at a reasonable price, obviously there is something fishy.


Pay attention to packaging

Because big companies have a specific kind of packaging on which normally they have a copyright, so the fake sellers cannot use that. Normally, they use a minute non notable difference in packaging to keep them safe. So, one should wisely check the packaging of the products.


Check the label

Fake products, or Counterfeit products, as they are usually called, will have inconsistent font sizes and styles, irregular patterns, words will be misspelled and incorrect names printed on the label. On the other hand, the genuine products normally have a “Peel to Reveal” label on them that can be removed to check the full ingredient list as in the detailed product composition. One must look for this label before buying the products.


Swatch the color before buying

Before buying lipsticks, eye shadows and other products that endure color, one must check the color by applying it on the back of their hand to ensure that it matches with the one displayed on the label.