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Effective Replacement For Physical Exercises

Whole Body Vibration

Whole body vibration is not only an effective replacement for physical exercises in people with sedentary lifestyles and limited time for workouts. But, also is a useful form of therapy for people dealing with poor lymphatic drainage, painful joints, stiff muscles, weight management problems, and poor immunity levels. Therefore, all these issues can be addressed and solved through regular WBV sessions. In addition, the positive effects of this form of therapy are supported by numerous scientific studies.

At Muse MediSpa we offer WBV sessions each just 10 minutes and focus on improving your health, stimulating lymphatic drainage and improving circulation.

Sessions Are $10 Each
1 FREE Session With The Purchase of 5 Sessions

Whole Body Vibration - METABOLISM


Whole body vibration encourages weight loss. Have you been unsuccessful at losing weight? Then, you have probably tried numerous fad diets that count calories, carbs, proteins, have good fat or bad fat. Actually, the real key to weight loss is to burn more body energy/calories than we eat.

Whole Body Vibration - OSTEOPOROSIS


Studies show that Whole Body Vibration delivers mechanical loading to the skeleton. As a result, WBV increases bone mass and improves postural balance by strengthening skeletal muscles.

Whole Body Vibration - VARICOSE-VEINS

Varicose Veins

Whole Body Vibration exercises, in many instances, yield quick and visible results. Often, you can see that the skin of the lower leg is colored pink, after only ten minutes on the Whole Body Vibration platform. However, this is a sign that the blood vessels in that area are open and circulation is returning.

Whole Body Vibration - CELLULITE


When circulation within this web of connective tissue becomes blocked, cellular waste stagnates. Also, these tissues harden as the skin loses its elasticity. Improved circulation will carry vital oxygen to your cells and tissues. It will also assist in flushing toxins, while increasing the production of collagen. Result: significant reduction of cellulite.


Athletic Performance

Whole Body Vibration (WBV) works by transferring vibrations from an oscillating platform to muscles throughout the body. As a result, this enables them to contract and relax multiple times per second in a reflex action. WBV exercise increases blood flow and oxygenation to the muscles, prompting both elasticity and explosive power.

Whole Body Vibration - LYMPHATIC-DRAINAGE

Lymphatic Drainage

Whole body vibration machines enhance not only the blood circulation, but also the lymph flow, contributing to a better drainage. The lymphatic system, which is made of a network of vessels and nodes, is responsible for collecting and transporting tissue fluids from the intercellular spaces in all tissues, back in the blood system.

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